Children's Participation in Justice Processes: Finding the Best Ways Forward

Workshop Materials


Materials provided by keynote speakers and workshop presenters for distribution to participants are available here, and are complete as of 29 September 2017. Approximate file size is indicated for files 1MB and larger.


Download the symposium's program guide - 23MB.

Pre-Symposium Conference

Fundamentals of Family Law in Canada (Boyd)


Symposium Day One

Keynote: Why I Didn't Tell Anyone (Kennedy)

Powerpoint - 2MB

1A: Best practices for representing youth in conflict with the law (Cherrington, Mizzi, Yuzwenko)

No materials.

1B: Challenges and lessons learned establishing children's legal clinics (Hensley, Kavassalis, Pottruff)

Powerpoint (Doyle)
Powerpoint (Hensley)
Powerpoint (Kavassalis)
Powerpoint (Legal Representation for Children and Youth)
Powerpoint (Pottruff)

1C: Judicial interviews with children (Bala, Birnbaum, Cook-Stanhope J, Marriott J)

Powerpoint (Bala, Birnbaum)

1D: The voice of the alienated child (Ander, Croezen, Jones)

Powerpoint - 2MB

2A: Representing children in family law and child protection cases (Leach, Roskies)

Doc: Rules of Professional Conduct
Doc: Three Models for Presenting Children's Information (Leach)

2B: Are we there yet? (Churchill, Henry, Lewis, Poushinsky)

Powerpoint - 1MB

2B & 3B: Are we there yet? (Churchill, Henry, Lewis, Poushinsky)

Doc: Practice Guidelines
Doc: Draft Standards of Conduct

2C: The Role of Children's Counsel (Loparco, Saccomani J)

Doc: The Role of Children's Counsel: Where Do We Go From Here? - Updated (Loparco)

2D: Hearing the voices of infants and toddlers (Lusignan, Wotherspoon)

Powerpoint - 3MB
Doc: Keeping the Baby in Mind - 26MB (Wotherspoon, Mychasiuk)
Doc: Helpful Resources for Lawyers (Wotherspoon)

3A: The role of children's counsel in child protection ADR proceedings (Héder, Leach)

Doc: Eight Good Reasons to Bring in a Lawyer

3B: Are we there yet? (Churchill, Henry, Lewis, Poushinsky)


3C: Child participation in mediation and parenting coordination (Yasenik)

Powerpoint - 1MB

3D: The voice of the child in parenting coordination (Cyr)


Symposium Day Two

Keynote: How to Build a Brain (Sherren)

Powerpoint - 1MB

4A: Limits to children's participation (Birnbaum, Hensley, Kneier, Tempesta)

Powerpoint - 1MB (Birnbaum)
Powerpoint (Tempesta)
Doc: Presentation Outline (Kneier)
Doc: Legal Representation for Children - 1MB (Martinson J, Tempesta)

4B: The UN CRC, the Charter and Human Rights Legislation (Birdsell, Chan)

Link: UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
Link: General Comment No. 14 (2013)

4C: The privacy rights of children and youth (Cyr, Godbout, Poitras)


4D: Assessing the competence and credibility of children (Bala)


5A: Shifting identities (Anderson, Andy, Andy, Arcand, Desjarlais, Moon)

No materials.

5B: The CBA Child Rights Toolkit (Hensley, Martinson J, Tempesta)

Powerpoint (Hensley)
Link: Child Rights Toolkit

5C: Privacy Rights of Children and Youth (Birdsell, Chan)


5D: Voice of the child reports (Birnbaum, Carter, Hébert)

Powerpoint (Birnbaum)
Powerpoint (Carter, Hébert)
Doc: Survey
Doc: Views of the Child Reports (Birnbaum)
Doc: Voice of the Child Reports (Carter, Hébert)




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