Children's Participation in Justice Processes: Finding the Best Ways Forward

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Finding the Best Ways Forward is a national symposium of academics, judges, lawyers, psychologists, counsellors and social workers from across Canada organized by the Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family and the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate Alberta. We expect to host more than 150 presenters and participants over the two days of the symposium.


The symposium offers a unique opportunity for your organization to reach a diverse group of legal and mental health professionals who share a common interest in children's experiences in the justice system. Although many of the registered participants practice in Alberta, as of mid-July, participants and presenters also hail from British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Yukon Territory.

A limited number of display booths located in the foyer outside the plenary room are available for commercial and not-for-profit organizations:

  • not-for-profit societies and corporations may reserve a booth at no charge
  • booths are available to for-profit entities for $150 per single day, or $250 for both days

Booths consist of a curtained table and chairs. (Note that the hotel charges a fee of just under $160 to supply electricity to a booth; exhibitors needing access to electricity will be responsible for this fee... sorry.) Exhibitors will be listed in the printed brochure that will be prepared for the symposium and pre-symposium conference.

We hope that exhibitors will improve the learning and experience of symposium participants and presenters. We encourage exhibitors to bring pamphlets, brochures and reports, branded materials like pens, USB sticks and mugs (everyone likes swag), and giveaway items. Please let us know if we can help with your booth.

To reserve your display booth, please contact the conference planner, Angiola-Patrizia DeStefanis.




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